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March Madness Win: This Mechanical Engineer Had the Best Bracket

Photo by Adam First / The Daily Pennsylvanian

And we have a winner! That’s right, no one should’ve doubted that mechanical engineer Felix Hader (E '20) knew how to pick a good bracket

This one’s a beauty: stainless steel interior, three bolt opportunities on either face, and a plating so shiny it could make a mirror look smudged. 

He’s previously competed in a desk building competition, so Hader has had to pick brackets before. Last year, he put all his money on the Everbuilt Zinc Plated 1 ½” Bracket, but that one lost it all during the strength test. 

Some say he picked this bracket by chance or that it was just luck. Hader reportedly visited Home Depot seven times to walk up and down the hardware aisle before making his choice. 

Good for you Hader! But now just wait till you have pick the best saw jig...