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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Propose Ban on Single Use Fling Tanks


Photo (with edits) from Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Inspired by their colleagues in New York, Philadelphia lawmakers have begun to take steps that would make it more difficult for Penn students to purchase one-weekend-use Fling tanks. 

Some have come out strongly to condemn the purchases. Said one representative, “you aren’t going to wear it to the gym after! It won’t become a sleep shirt! Why do you want to waste your money on a tank top with a Penn club pun that has a slightly inappropriate twist to it?”

Instead of buying a new one for each Fling, the lawmakers have recommended opening your closet and reusing Fling Tanks from the old days. You know, crank out that neon yellow bad boy from freshman year and proudly represent Magee Hall 2016 once again

Students have responded to the proposal by inviting the law makers to Fling so they can witness the integrity of the event themselves. They hear there’s an especially great view from the inside of the dunk tank.