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OP-ED: If My Professor Didn’t Want Me to Fall Asleep, Then Why’d He Turn off All the Lights?


Photo from Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Ok hear me out. It can’t possibly be my fault I fell asleep during your class. The air was warm, the chairs were comfortable, and the room was literally pitch black.

It was so dark, how did you even expect people to take notes? You started the class by saying how engaging of a lecturer you were and that we wouldn’t regret closing our laptops and using paper instead. 

It doesn’t make sense that you wanted to have a better contrast with the Powerpoint: by turning off the lights it made the projection of the marketing graphs even brighter, which was more annoying for my eyes. Just turn everything off and turn the lecture hall into a nap palace. 

Maybe next time I’ll just stay home. I hate having 3 p.m. morning classes anyway.