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OP-ED: Van Pelt Should Be Replaced with a 24-Hour Diner


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

Okay, I know that the current plan is to renovate the Van Pelt basement not convert it to any type of eatery. However, I need to propose an idea that is probably not controversial at all: we need to replace Van Pelt with a 24-hour diner. 

Sure, the diner would provide comfort, a place to share a meal with peers, and blah blah blah, but really the point is that everyone likes pancakes and no one likes books.

And by the way, Frontera should also become a 24-hour diner. With two campus diners, the competition between them would probably lead to two of the best restaurants in the country. (Trust me, this would work. I took a Wharton class once.)

So what are you waiting for, Penn? Out with the old (Van Pelt) and in with the new (Waffle House)! Until College Green smells like syrup at all hours of the day, this university is not living up to its full potential.