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Sasha’s Allergies to Blame for Not Having Class Outside


Photo from Public Domain Pictures / CC0

Plans to have class on College Green for PSCI 131’s Thursday recitation were halted when students discovered a traitor in their midst.

After begging their TA for weeks to move the recitation outside when the weather was warmer, it seemed as though the day had finally arrived. All was going according to plan until Sasha Jackson (C '19) revealed her allergic sensitivity to pollen. 

Some classmates had begun to grow suspicious as Jackson sneezed six times during the conversation about possibly moving the class outdoors. All hope was lost when she raised her hand and told the TA she couldn't go outside unless the department equipped the recitation with a portable HEPA filter.

Jackson feels bad that she let down her team, and promises she’ll do everything she can for next time. And by everything she can, we mean she’ll remember to take Claritin.