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Editorial: We Live in a Society

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In today’s social and political climate, it feels like nothing is guaranteed. At Penn, there are students from every state and over 100 countries. There are students who live on-campus, and students who live off-campus. There are students who walk, bike, and scooter. When you think about that, one thing is certain: We live in a society. 

We have students who study English, students who study math, and students who don’t study at all. There are students with Fjallravens and students with esoteric tote bags. Some students use BIC pens, some prefer Muji. Nothing wrong with that. That is a society. We live in it. 

People of Penn. Penn of people. Think. Penn is 52% female and 48% male. Online quick facts and figures have simplified it to that, which is problematic, but so is society. Can’t argue with that. 

Some students at Penn like Copa, and some like Distrito. Others like to goPuff 4Loko, and that is their business. In the end, we all go to Smokes. What can we say? There is always a universal thread. We live in a society. 

Whose society it is, that is hard to say. Mine? Yours? Theirs? As students, we belong to no one and everyone. We don’t answer to the man, but we answer our parents phone calls. Because we love them. And they pay our rent. What is ownership, really? Like we said, only one thing is certain. We live in a society.