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Take That! My Teachers Never Believed in Me, but I Just Got a Job at WilCaf, so Who's Laughing Now?


Photo by Engin_Akyurt / CC0

Ok I’ll admit it. Back in High School I wasn’t the greatest student. I slacked off sometimes, joked around in class a little bit, and smoked in the bathroom pretty much every day. I acknowledge these flaws, but I still worked my ass off to get where I am today. My teachers though — well they were all so negative. They told me I didn’t have the ability to succeed in life. I remember my history teacher told me that I wasn’t gonna get into college, my english teacher told me I would never get a job, and my french teacher told me something in French that I couldn’t really understand, but, based off his tone, it seemed like it was mean. 

To all these teachers who never believed in me, who thought I would end up serving them breakfast at a McDonalds one day, this is what I have to say — look who's laughing now. No, I won’t be serving them McGriddles; I’ll be serving them Mocha Chai Lattes. That’s right, I just got hired at Williams Café, Penn’s premier coffee establishment. I can’t wait to see the looks on their stupid faces when they find out I got hired for literally the most competitive job at this school.

So yea, have fun barely making a living wage sitting in a depressing classroom all day. I'll be behind the counter, listening to an endless playlist of alternative songs that all sound the same and serving up smiles.