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Tiger Woods Attributes Masters Win to Practice with Pottruck Golf Simulator


Photo by Keith Allison / CC BY-SA 2.0

He accomplished the unthinkable: Tiger Woods won the prestigious Masters Tournament even after a series of injuries and scandals that had led many to believe his career was over.  

There has been much speculation about how Woods made his unbelievable comeback, but the champion set the record straight about how, exactly, he was able to rise back to the top. 

“Oh yeah, I just spent a bunch of time in the University of Pennsylvania’s golf simulator room,” Woods said at a press conference.

He noted, “I played some golf outside, but I really didn’t need it. I just needed that screen in a small room that costs seven dollars an hour to use. If only the simulator had a drunk driving setting or an extramarital affair setting built in, it would be perfect.” 

So now you know where Tiger’s success comes from. Hit the Pottruck golf simulator now, and we’ll see you at the PGA tour in a few years.