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Resourceful: Guy Puts Meme in Presentation to Mask Own Unpreparedness


Photo (with edits) by Joint Base San Antonio / CC0 and Noah Sussman / CC BY 2.0

Haha! Brian has really got the class roaring this time.

Last Tuesday, certified class clown Brian Cobb (C ‘22) inserted a hilarious meme into his English presentation. His fellow students, who came in expecting a serious analysis of the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer, were nonetheless impressed with Cobb’s resourcefulness.

“I won’t lie, the silly cat picture got a few chuckles out of me,” a student in the class remarked. “Don’t even get me started on the masterfully written caption.”

Cobb, who had been too busy re-watching Friends last night to prepare for his presentation, figured a well-placed meme would perfectly obscure his own incompetence.

“I knew I had to bring out the big guns on this one,” Cobb told UTB. “What better way to distract my audience than a low-resolution feline making a funny face? Shock and awe, baby.”

Indeed, the meme was effective on many of Cobb’s peers.

“Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious!” shrieked Eva Giroux (C ‘22) in between fits of laughter. “What a mind-bogglingly good meme! Wait, what was this presentation about again?”

Although Cobb had successfully derailed the attention spans of his simple-minded classmates, his professor was not nearly as impressed.

“Seriously, Brian? A LOLcat? In 2019?” Professor Grier said after the presentation reached its disappointing conclusion. “I would have cut you some slack for fidget spinners or even Harambe, but that meme was just totally undank.”