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Not Again! Getting in WilCaf Line at 10:59 Makes Sarah Late to Class Again

Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian Credit: Lucas Weiner

Ugh! Sarah has gotten herself into a pickle yet again. 

Sarah Ramirez (C '21) has an extensive morning routine. She wakes up at 10:45, throws on her athleisure, runs a comb through her hair and a brush through her teeth, and leaves her room. She makes her way to Williams Hall, where she grabs a quick flavored latte from WillCaf and embarks on her three minute journey to her 11:00 Spanish class in Fisher-Bennett Hall. 

Every day, after getting in the WillCaf line at 10:59, she finds herself several minutes late to class. Today was no different. 

"I just cannot believe this keeps happening!" she lamented to UTB staff. "I do the math. I leave myself 70 seconds to get in line, order my coffee, pay, get my coffee, and do my walk to Spanish. It should be easy peezy!" 

When we asked her why she thinks her plan always fails, she blamed "Willcaf's sorta slow service. It shouldn't take more than .2 nanoseconds to put my beverage in my hands, but they alllllways take their sweet time. I mean, come on! Why does it need to take A WHOLE MINUTE for me to order, pay, and receive my complicated espresso drink made with a mixture of non-dairy milks?! Gosh. The service industry these days...."