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Student Living at Home Schedules House Meeting After Roommates Come Home Drunk from Aunt Linda’s Again


Photo from Pixnio / Public Domain

Harry Lilts (Nursing, Class of 2020) thought he was all set for the summer. A great internship, a fancy apartment in his home city, and only two roommates for the whole summer. He could tell things were off to a great start right from their first dinner together. Fellow housemate Walter Lilts (Wharton, Class of 1986) even made his famous Mac and cheese recipe. 

That all changed one night when Walter and his wife Tanya came stumbling into their apartment at three in the morning. Harry was sound asleep at first, only to be awoken by the two of them bickering about whether his cousin Samantha should really be taking the Biology SAT II again. Harry stormed out of his bedroom to try and confront his noisy housemates, yet concluded they were in no state to have a thoughtful conversation. He decided a meeting the next day after their hangovers were cured would be more productive.

“Really you two? I thought you raised me to never act like this,” said Harry. 

Sources have informed Under the Button that Harry and his co-habitants have forgiven each other, and that the three will be attending Grandpa Gil’s Margarita Fourth of July Firework Spectacular together in the coming weeks.