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Rising Freshman: “Omg, How Many AP’s Are you Taking Next Semester?”


Rebecca Wilson (C ‘23) is excited to tackle the college life. Never shying away from a challenge, Wilson enrolled in seven AP courses her senior year of high school, and has just recently found out that she scored a five on each of the eight exams she took this last testing season. (“Come on,” said Wilson, rolling her eyes. “Any dingus could ace the Human Geography exam without taking the class.”) 

Although Wilson has yet to log onto PennInTouch and register for fall classes, she’s confident that she can top her performance from this past year. “I’m thinking I can fully take on eight AP’s without too much issue,” remarked Wilson. “I’m used to being the person in the room taking the most AP’s, and that’s obviously a trend that I’m gonna keep alive in college.” 

But of course, registering for classes and increasing her AP clout aren’t Wilson’s only concerns. She wants to make friends, too. “Whenever I meet new people, I always introduce myself and immediately ask how many AP’s they’re taking,” explained Wilson. “I’m almost always taking more than they are, but of course we can always bond by complaining about how stressed we are. Even though my stress, is like, always so much worse than theirs.” 

Naturally, Wilson popped the question to her roommate-to-be, Natalie. “She hasn’t responded yet, but that’s ok,” said Wilson. “When she does, we’ll have sooo much to talk about. Like what AP’s we’re taking, and how even though the College Board made that AP Physics C exam ridiculously hard last year, at least it wasn’t as bad as the 2015 exam.” 

In short, Wilson is going into freshman year with high hopes. “Boy, am I glad they have AP’s in college,” she explained. “Without the warm embrace of a College Board-approved curriculum, I’d lose all sense of self-worth. It’d be awful if I had to find validation in something other than some arbitrary test score from a soulless, money-grubbing corporation.”