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Penn Reiterates Medium-Tolerance Policy on Racism


Photo from The Daily Pennsylvanian

In response to the controversial remarks by Penn Law professor Amy Wax, in which the previously-sanctioned faculty member stated that the United States would benefit from fewer non-white immigrants, Penn Administration reiterated that the University follows a "medium-tolerance" policy on racism, and as a result Wax will not be punished for her statements.

"We do not believe that Wax's opinions exceed our threshold for racist beliefs held and expressed publicly by faculty," the Administration stated.

Wax classified her remarks as "not racist" because her problem with nonwhite immigrants is cultural rather than biological, a feat of mental gymnastics which has been awarded an honorary gold medal by the International Olympic Committee.

Insiders report that University has previously explored ways to fire the tenured professor due to her continued generation of controversy, but ceased after donations from white nationalist organizations, such as Turning Point USA and The Statesman, skyrocketed.

The University did not wish to elaborate on other examples of tolerable racism, but stated that tenured faculty are free to speak their minds so long as they don't argue outright that white people are more valuable to the country than people of color.

"Wait, nevermind," they backtracked. "Apparently that's allowed now."