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Art Hoe Alert! Jenny Knows How to Use a Disposable Camera


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

Jenny Chow (W ’20) is making waves in the world of film photography. Inspired by the photo surrealism movement of the early 20th century, Jenny decided to pick up a Fujifilm disposable to take cute pics of her friends drinking various types of spiked seltzer.

Ansel Adams, the famous landscape photographer known for his images of the American West, has been a particularly potent inspiration for Chow. "Before, I was only doing portrait pics. But now I do sideways too. And sometimes I take pics of the sunset which is sick lol," she told UTB staff.

“It has just allowed me to be expressive in a whole new way, you know?” She gushed to UTB staff. “I am just really trying to capture the beauty of everything around me. The world is my canvas and the lens is my paintbrush.”

The fruits of her labor (the scanned versions of the prints she picks up from CVS) can be found on her art Instagram account where she displays her “life in 35mm.”