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BREAKING: Stanford Bad School


Photo by Becky Molinoff

Everyone talks about how Stanford is this really good school, but I don’t really understand it. What makes them so special? Is there something I’m missing here? I mean, I’ve never met someone from Stanford and been like, ok yeah, this is an intelligent person. Usually, I’m like, you’re super dumb and also I hate you.

I’ve just never seen any data indicating that Stanford is a good school. And I’m pretty sure that if there was any such data, I probably would have seen it. Which is pretty conclusive evidence that Stanford bad school.

Is it because Stanford is on the west coast? Proximity to Silicon Valley a good computer science program does not make. Plus, if you had to interview in New York for Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley or Google NYC, you would have to take an expensive flight, which is so inconvenient for these companies. 

I really think if Penn was on the west coast, we'd probably be ranked one or two or something on the WSJ list. But now at least the idiots over at Stanford know their place.