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Bumble App to Only Let Bottoms Message First


Photo by Jeffrey Kontur / CC BY-ND 2.0

While, in many ways, apps streamline today's dating culture, they are not without their obstacles. A big problem dating app developers have had to work on is the match-to-meeting ratio. People tend to get a decent amount of matches, but then way fewer messages, and then an even lower number of dates. 

Bumble originally thought a solution to this problem could be having straight women message straight men first, eliminating the coy role that women traditionally play.

However, we no longer live in a binary society of bashful woman and charming men. What about the coy gay bottoms and the dashing lesbian tops? What about the couples looking for a third? What about the little pig boys searching for the boots of a goddess to lick? 

Dating culture is a lot more complicated than the constraints of most dating apps. For this reason, Bumble has every member take a quiz that determines if they are a top or a bottom. It's simple: if a member is determined to be a bottom, that member must message first. If a member is a top, they must wait for the messages to come to them.

Now everyone can reap the benefits of Bumble, instead of just the guy with a 15% dick pic success rate.