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Student Walks 45 Minutes to Capital One Cafe to Do 15 Minutes of Work


Photo by anjali-photography / CC BY 2.0

This past weekend, John Browdy (C '23) was feeling a little spontaneous. On top of that, he had a few assignments to do for his freshman writing seminar. So, he decided to walk into Center City and do some work there. 

Once he was in Center City, he couldn’t find a cafe that wasn’t either completely full of people doing work or completely full of dead rats. After walking for 45 minutes, he finally stumbled upon Capital One Cafe.

“Wow. This seems like a great place to get some work done,” thought John.  

Upon entering the cafe, John noticed that every single person there was affiliated with Penn, and instantly felt a wave of intense anxiety.  

“Well, at least I still feel a little separated from Penn’s campus. Now let’s try to get some work done.”

John read five pages of his pop-psych freshman writing seminar book, then wrote down all of his tasks for that day, then decided that he was sad, so he picked up his things and headed back to Penn’s campus.