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Finance Bros Agree: Tiger Is a Sick Name for a Hedge Fund


Photo by Andrew Milligan sumo / CC BY 2.0 

Finance guys — they're big and strong and also manly. The names of the hedge funds should reflect how big and strong and manly they are. Personally, if I were a guy in finance, I would name my hedge fund something like Lightening Bolt Capital or Monster Truck Associates. Those names are pretty sick. 

Tiger Global is a cool name too. The guy who started it is pretty successful. Maybe I'll name my hedge fund Liger Global. Those names are different enough.

It would be cool if I worked for a Tiger Fund for a while, so then my company Liger Global would be known as a spin-off. It would have all the credibility of Tiger, but it would be my hedge fund, Liger.

For now though, I'll just name my hedge fund Battle Axe Investments and come back to the Liger project later.