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Student in Natural Disturbances and Human Disasters Is a Human Disaster


Photo (with edits) by no / CC BY-SA 4.0 and OpenClipart-Vectors / CC0

Talk about a class where you can really learn about yourself! Even better than PHIL 277 Conceptions of the Self, this class literally referenced College junior Gerry Kard in the title. Exactly one half of the class GEOL 103 Natural Disturbances and Human Disasters would be about him, since he is, in fact, a human disaster.

Just this semester, Kard managed to get and then lose all five of the classes he wanted – in an attempt to switch one of his recitations he somehow dropped every one of his classes for just enough time for them to fill up and lock him out. Now registered for 4 music classes and Geology, the pre-med is fully screwed.

And just last week, Kard was having a successful conversation with the guy he’s had a crush on since freshman year when he suddenly tripped on an untied shoelace, spilled an entire bowl of hot soup on his crush, and landed in a pile of manure that inexplicably appeared in the dining hall.

Asked about his seemingly endless bad luck, Kard said that he’s decided to accept his fate. “Hopefully I’ll at least have an advantage in Natural Disturbances and Human Disasters,” Kard told us.