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Williams Hall Ranked Safest Building on Campus


Photo by Natalia Joseph / The Daily Pennsylvanian

In a surprising 12 place jump, Williams Hall has beat out Van Pelt and Huntsman Hall (last year, ranked one and two respectively) in the 2019 Daily Pennsylvanian Safest UPenn Academic Building Rankings. Apparently bag checks and weekend security guards are no match for locking a building 24/7.

"There is no one you can even talk to to get in," College junior Landry Rato shared. "If you forget your Penn Card at VP or Huntsman, one of the security staff can just sign you in, but not at safe ol' Williams."

Wharton senior Paul Scopia disagrees: "without a security outpost, Williams simply can't compete with Huntsman. At Williams, people are holding the door open for other people during the day, and there is no one to monitor who is getting in."

The DP, having been asked to comment on its ranking criteria, explained that 90% of a building's security score is attributed to how difficult it is for current Penn students to get inside. The other 10% is security staff/camera/system related.