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The Buddha Came Home from His Nepalese Gap Year and Won’t Shut up About Buddhism


Photo by mhiguera / CC BY 2.0

After returning from his "life-changing" gap year in Nepal, Prince Siddhārtha Gautama won’t stop talking about Buddhism. Gautama decided to escape his hometown and spend a year in a rural Nepalese village after growing sick of privileged palace life. There, Gautama shaved his hippie locks, spent his time living with the locals, and truly understanding his responsibility as a global citizen.

“Our society is just so materialistic now, but it’s like...money doesn't bring happiness,” Gautama said upon returning home, wearing his now-standard dull-orange robe and beaded necklace. 

While his friends are happy that Gautama had a good time, they wish he would spend less time proselytizing and more just hanging out. "We’re glad to have Sid back," one said. "But can he shut up about his trip to Nepal? We get it: you went abroad.”