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James Blume


Three Things You Can Do Instead of Greek Life

You don’t need parties to have fun. For example, one great way to pass the time is to watch paint dry. 

Myth or Fact: White People Wear Shoes in Bed

What sociopath would willingly bring their dirtiest piece of clothing into the sanctity of their white sheets?

Top 3 Places to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse at UPenn

Although no one can be certain of the exact day, every prepared citizen should have a well-thought-out plan. 

UPenn Mad Libs

Take a stab at this Penn-themed fill-in-the-blank activity!

4 Ways to Make Your Roommate Think You’re Having a Lot Sex

Furthermore, an occasional high five after your response can go a long way. Body language is key in making your roommate think you’re getting some. 

Decoding Drunk Text Now Fulfills Language Requirement

“My mom only speaks in drunk texts, so this new DDT class is really exciting for me. I only spoke it a little back at home, so I never really never learned."

Is She Asking Me out or Just Trying to Convert Me to Christianity

The issue with coming from New Jersey is that I have no experience with Christianity. My high school was made up exclusively of Jews, atheists, and Jewish atheists.

My Dog Hates ISIS, but You Don’t See Him Bragging About It

Wilco had no comment. But I could tell he was proud to be an American.

Bernie Sanders' Heart Attack Leaves Only 2 Horcruxes Left

His campaign went on to explain that Senator Sanders still has two Horcruxes remaining.

OP-ED: Facebook’s Libra Is a Blatant Rip-Off of Dave and Buster’s Dollars

Come clean to the world, Mark. Admit the true origins of Libra.

The Buddha Came Home from His Nepalese Gap Year and Won’t Shut up About Buddhism

Gautama decided to escape his hometown and spend a year in a rural Nepalese village after growing sick of privileged palace life. There, Gautama shaved his hippie locks, spent his time living with the locals, and truly understanding his responsibility as a global citizen.

Have You Seen My Engineering Friend?

She can also be found asking what math class you’re taking — only to flash a patronizing smile when you answer.

Trump Apologizes for Ukraine Collusion, Saying He Thought It Was Russia

“Putin wouldn’t return my calls, and, to be fair, Zelensky sounds pretty Russian. So one thing led to another. You know...we all make mistakes. How was I supposed to know Ukraine wasn’t Russia?"

Wharton Student Learns Friendship Is Okay After Professor Calls It 'Social Capital'

My allocation of time only got more efficient as I learned to hedge my friendships. 

Wharton Student Assures Employer That ‘Community Service Was a One-Time Mistake’

Natasha posted on her LinkedIn later that night. u201cThis does not reflect on my character as a worker and was a one time mistake. This does not represent who I am.u201d