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Fiji Employing Ukrainian Troll Factory to Post on Greekrank


Photo by Ginny / C.C. BY 2.0

After years of being relentlessly mocked on the online forum Greekrank, it seems that Fiji has taken matters into its own hands. In an attempt to improve their digital reputation, the frat has turned to less than savory means: outsourcing content creation to an Internet troll factory in Ukraine. 

First hitting headlines after its involvement in the 2016 Presidential election, the paid Internet troll industry was in desperate need of customers in light of the scandal now centered around it. They reached out to a number of potential revenue sources including Latin American despots, the search engine Bing, and Yahoo News. However, it seems they’ve found a customer with pockets and egos deep enough to shell out large sums of money for Internet clout. 

The frat’s scheme, however, has backfired now that their relationship with the troll factory has been made public.