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Frontera Order Taking Even Longer Than Usual


Photo by Matthew Simantov / CC BY 2.0

On March 6th, Grace Qi (C '21) ordered a chipotle chicken torta with a side of chips and guacamole from Frontera. For the last seven months, she has been waiting for her order on the ground floor of Arch Cafe. For over half a year, she has subsisted solely on chip crumbs and rats she managed to capture from the Frontera kitchen area. 

"Until August or so, I didn't think much of it: I mean, we've all had long waits at Frontera," commented Qi while removing the fur and tail from a rat. "It wasn't until I saw the new machine chefs getting phased in that I really started to worry. They don't seem to be cooking anything," noted the increasingly emaciated junior. 

Grace is currently sitting vigil by the Arch Cafe counter, convinced that electrical interference from the machines will keep her buzzer from working.