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Nick the Librarian Actually Wise, Sage, and as a Young Man Was Quite the Devil

Photo by Hrag Vartanian / CC BY-ND 2.0; Photo by Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0, Photo by Scholary Commons; edits by Elias Rappaport

Nick Okrent is it? Imma just call you Nick. It can be our little nickname ;). Oh, how wrong I was about you.

I lamented the day you’d saunter into my history class and teach me yet again about primary sources. Why? Because I was scared, scared of your wisdom, your sage librarian knowledge. I was intimidated by your mastery of Franklin, Google Scholar, and all its derivatives. Most of all, I was fearful that you would prove to me just how little I know about books and sourcing them compared to you.

I let fear drive my actions. Well today, I’m letting love take the wheel. I love you, Nick. Not like that, no (although black and white era Nick was quite the looker). No, I love you like Gordon Ramsey loves olive oil. I say that I just need a drop, but, in actuality, I need the whole bottle.

I need everything you have to offer Nick. I need your book recommendations, your Franklin links, your hand in marria…

Remember that time you helped me write my essay for “Jews in the City”? I was totally fucked for that essay, and I literally am a Jew in a city. This semester I’m gonna need even more. When I slide that 3 A.M. message into your email, I know you’ll respond (in the morning — I also know you like your sleep).

In short, Nick the Librarian…good librarian, a better friend. :_)