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One More Ceremony Until Gutmann Gets Dedication Bingo!

Graphic by Adam First /Daily Pennsylvanian; Photo by Emily Xu /Daily Pennsylvanian

She’s so close she can almost taste it! 

University President Amy Gutmann has to simply hold and attend just one more building name change ceremony in order to finish up her bingo card.

The idea of the Bingo card came into existence around the time she was first elected in 2004. It was, at first, a self-motivational tactic to promote positive change in the University, but according to one of Gutmann’s aids, the card is now “just for fun-zies.”

This isn’t a solo bingo game either: Gutmann has some steep competition to go up against. Martha E. Pollack of Cornell and Peter Salovey at Yale are both in on the action. Whoever completes their respective card first gets an all-new 2003 Kia Sorento. 

She feels that competition and opposition are two of the key factors that keep the game going. “A player is only as good as their opponents,” says Gutmann, appreciating the feedback from the unhappy design students and citing them as only making her a more strategic gamer. 

Games are just one way that President Gutmann continues to stay actively involved in the community. She recently held her first annual Charades for Wellness Night and can often be spotted playing iSpy from the 5th floor of Van Pelt. 

Come on Elon Musk! You know you want to rename the tater tot, crepe, and Locust Walk pole rental building!