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How a Slight Nod and Penn Maintenance Shirt Got Me into Castle


Photos (with edits) by Mona Lee / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

The impenetrable sterling gates to Castle have been slightly weakened. Last weekend, I was able to waltz right into the prime Locust Walk real estate. Now yes, the shirt that I was wearing may have had a Penn Maintenance logo in the top left corner, but I think it was my charisma that carried me inside. 

It’s always rewarding when the simplest solution ends up being the most effective. I tried several more complicated things first, but none of them panned out. People told me to try wearing a yellow reflector vest, but I made the mistake of showing up to a Hawaii themed party, so it just looked like I was a real try-hard. I tried to enter while carrying a ladder because, usually, I can get in anywhere while carrying a ladder, but apparently there wasn’t room for the ladder because the party was already “so full in there. Look man, we’re full, get out of the way so these 25 girls can walk in, why don't you take a lap, maybe we'll be letting more people in later.”

Anyway, at the end of it all, I’m not sure what all the hype is. I can honestly report that Castle parties really aren’t that great — people just asked me if I could unclog the upstairs bathroom drain or if I could get Thaddeus the raccoon out of the vents. It was a real waste of my charm and charisma, not to mention the money I spent ironing a Penn Maintenance logo onto a polo.