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OP-ED: I Downloaded TikTok Because I Am a Sadomasochist


Photo by Jseliger2 / CC BY 2.0

I fought valiantly. I did everything I could to avoid it. I watched Vine compilations on Youtube, funny videos on Twitter, and cooking videos on Instagram, but, slowly, TikTok began to infiltrate the mix. People reposted TikTok videos on everything, and I found myself watching them and laughing against my will. 

Finally, ashamed but a little thrilled, I downloaded the app. It has completely changed my life. I now stare at my phone for hours, laughing at videos that are nearly identical. I sent some to my friends, who removed me from group chats or didn’t respond. I knew I deserved this.

This newfound shame enhanced my desire to be a sub, to have pain inflicted on me, to be beaten for my worthlessness as a woman. Now that I have TikTok on my phone, I can internalize my desire for punishment even more, and my sex life has never been better, even though I can hardly walk anymore and have lost a finger on my right hand. 

TikTok has a vibrant potential in the BDSM community. Nothing is as shameful as having the same sense of humor as a fourteen-year-old girl.