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Wharton Student Assures Employer That ‘Community Service Was a One-Time Mistake’


Photo by James Blume

Wharton junior Natasha Parker recently issued a public apology to potential employers after a photo of her in high school serving soup at a food bank was leaked online. “I’d just like to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry to Goldman. I’m sorry to McKinsey. But most of all I’m sorry to Wharton for letting the institution down,” Natasha posted on her LinkedIn later that night. “This does not reflect on my character as a worker and was a one time mistake. This does not represent who I am.”

The Wharton community remains shaken by the experience. “You think you know someone, but then they do something like this, and you don’t even know what to think anymore,” said one close friend. Another student commented, “It just makes me afraid. If a high school photo like that can sink a star student, who is safe?”

Natasha refused to comment on this article, however, her spokesperson has said that “she is taking some time off this semester to reflect on her past behavior.”