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Freshman Purposely Avoids Washing Hand with 'X' Drawn on It


Photo by Free-Photos / 9091 images / CC0

Nathaniel Mendez (C’ 21), reportedly a real fucking chiller, pulled up to his Rusian Literature recitation rocking an X on his hand. Yea, the kind that bouncers give you when you’re DRINKING at a CLUB. He’s a pretty cool guy. Iced coffee in hand (though not the hand with the X, of course), Mendez walked into the room as if he owned the place.

Gasps of excitement were heard coming from the rest of the class as Mendez entered. Shelby Silverstein (C ’21) was also attending the same recitation and described the scene with the twinkle of awe in her eyes. “It’s just like, to be in the same room with someone as cool as that...there are simply no words.” Even the TA, normally annoyed with students pulling up to his Friday recitation late and hungover, couldn’t help but crack a slight smile.

Mendez proceeded to spend the rest of the recitation lightly resting his chin on the hand, leaving the X in view of quite literally everyone in the class. Occasionally yawning or changing his head position somewhat dramatically, everybody who had pulled up to that recitation knew they were in the midst of a true legend.