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Ok Boomer! SHS Doctor Thinks It’s Syphilis


Photo by www.ilmicrofono.it / CC BY 2.0 

SHS doctor Karen Gupta is going off AGAIN about how its syphilis and you really need to consistently take your antibiotics if you want to treat the open sore on your scrotum. 

Classic Boomer to assume you have nothing going on in your life and can just, “take time to address your genital sores.”

Gupta wants you to know there has been a rise in syphilis cases on campus, in part to do with an increase in unprotected sex and an increase in sexual partners because of Tinder. It’s like, you know what Boomer, millennials just prioritize life experiences over spending money on tangible goods like houses, and jewelry, and condoms. Check your world view Boomer.

“Ok, so I just go to the front counter and they’ll know which anti-biotics I need? Ok and three times a day? Ok ah, why do I feel awkward, haha ok, thank you, sorry.”