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Padded Rage Rooms to Replace GSRs


Photo by spDuchamp / CC BY 2.0

In an effort to combat rising stress and frustration levels among all Penn students, PennCAPS has decided to turn all group study rooms into padded rage rooms.

“We found that group study rooms, or academic activity in general, were the root cause of depression at Penn,” said PennCAPS representative Floridia Mahn. “So, we decided that it would be better to replace the rooms with something that is beneficial for everyone.”

PennCAPS will offer two types of “mental relief rooms”: the padded room and the rage room. Padded rooms will be furnished with padded walls, floors, and ceilings. In these rooms, students can throw themselves around and scream unrestrained, since the padding also doubles as soundproofing. Rage rooms will be furnished with fragile furniture and objects, like TVs, vases, and glassware. 

“PennCAPS will provide baseball bats,” said Mahn, “but students are welcome to bring their own blunt force weapons.”

The replacement of GSR with the mental relief rooms have been a popular decision among the Penn student body. 

“I can finally unleash my pent-up rage,” said Engineering senior Frank DePresso, “I’m getting tired of putting in a maintenance request every time I punch a hole in my dorm wall.”