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UPenn Mad Libs


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Name of Penn alumn:

Name of Penn building:




Name of Penn icon:

Past tense verb:


Name of School:

Past tense verb:



Note: change gendered words according to the gender of the first fill-in.

Today notable speaker (name of Penn alumn) spoke today at (name of Penn building). The speech led off with a story about his first (verb) at the school. He still remembers (verb) to this day. Especially when at his first (noun), he saw someone (same verb) on a table. “These are the habits you keep with you for the rest of your life.” (Same name of Penn alumn) pulls out a (noun) from his pocket. “(Name of Penn icon) gave me this when I (past tense verb). It is my proudest and most (adjective) possession. When I first came to (name of school), I was just like you, but by the time you (past tense verb) you too can be a (occupation) and change the world.