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Quiz: Pothole on Spruce or Meteor Crater?

Photo by Caroline Curran

Pedestrians, scooterists, and motorists, beware! The potholes on Spruce have gotten so bad that we bet you can’t tell the difference between broken pavement and the circular depression made on a planet or moon formed by the hypervelocity impact of a smaller body. 

Is this just a classic case of the freeze-and-thaw cycle on our paved streets or is it Korolev, the famous ice-filled impact crater that's located within the Mare Boreum section of Mars and is a whopping 81.4 kilometers in diameter? 

pothole 2
Photo by Caroline Curran

You’ll definitely want to swerve your bike around this Spruce Street pothole — or is it the lunar crater Copernicus, located in eastern Oceanus Procellarum on our moon? We’ll let you decide.

pothole 1

Photo by Caroline Curran

Now, look at this photo. It could be just another example of the Philadelphia Streets Department’s ineffective repairs. Or it could be a bowl-shaped geological depression resulting from the impact of one celestial body on another.

pothole 3
Photo by Caroline Curran