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TA Not Paid Enough to Have Entire Baseball Team in One Recitation


Photo by Veni / CC BY 2.0

Your TA Greg went to Harvard. He has a PhD in something you can’t pronounce. And yet, every semester he is forced to babysit the entire baseball team for one hour a week. While your TA Greg is paid enough to sustain his body during this hour, he is not paid enough to sustain his soul. 

Sure they get the worst grades on average, but I understand. Mostly, I don’t like them because they make me feel inadequate," said Greg. “They’re all so social. I can’t even fit into their dynamic. I just want to belong.” 

When asked if he was okay, Greg avoided the question by saying, “Honestly… they’re smart, good, hardworking kids.” Greg was crying a bit. “But every week, they remind me that all my hard work amounts to only an immemorable hour of their sport-oriented lives. I just wish I had that purpose in life.” Poor Gregory.

“Also,” said Greg, “they smell bad.”