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White Guy Really Leaning into Spanish Pronunciation of 'Quesadilla'


Photo by Art (RUS) Potosi / CC BY 2.0

Avid MexiCali fan and Wharton senior Connor Milliken was overheard today ordering lunch from the local food truck, and boy did he really lean into a Spanish pronunciation of “quesadilla.” Witnesses report that he did “some kind of accent,” which one onlooker described as “hard to place, but definitely not cool.” 

Our sources report that extra emphasis was placed on the –lla, as if to demonstrate that Connor knew how to correctly pronounce this very common sound. Afterward, he was said to have looked around at nearby pedestrians, trying desperately to make eye contact and elicit approval for his dubious Spanish pronunciation.

When asked to comment, Connor revealed that he had some experience with the Spanish language: “I studied abroad in Spain, so I’m pretty much a pro with Mexican food.”