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Patrick Rich


New Accounting Professor Kind of Weird

Don’t get me wrong, he’s great at accounting. Or counting, at least.

British Student Only Refers to Jimmy John’s as ‘James Jonathan’s’

Sinclair apparently believed that “James Jonathan’s” was the real name of the sandwich shop and that Jimmy John’s was simply “another of your preposterous American colloquialisms.” 

An Open Letter to Penn Students: Consider Moving to New York

I know that many of you will graduate from Penn and pursue career opportunities in the great metropolitan centers: your Toledos, your Fort Waynes, your Wichitas. But I implore you, my fellow Quakers- consider moving to humble New York City.

Exam Fail! This Student Accidentally Wrote 'Michael Fassbender' Instead of His Own Name

Your name’s not Michael Fassbender, dummy! Your name’s Eric!

‘I Should Buy a Plant for My Room,' Thinks Soon-To-Be Plant Murderer

Milton, who will purchase a cute little succulent and accidentally kill it within a week, reasoned that a plant would look good in his room and that he could definitely take care of it.

Ok Boomer: Guy Turns 22

“I thought he was one of whatever our generation is, but there he goes, turning 22 like a fucking Boomer.”

White Guy Really Leaning into Spanish Pronunciation of 'Quesadilla'

Avid MexiCali fan and Wharton senior Connor Milliken was overheard today ordering lunch from the local food truck, and boy did he really lean into a Spanish pronunciation of “quesadilla.” Witnesses report that he did “some kind of accent,” which one onlooker described as “hard to place, but definitely not cool.” 

Correction: HamCo Actually Short for Ham Company

This embarrassing correction was made in an emergency statement issued by the building manager, Jebediah Ham, late last night. Ham shared some passionate words with UTB reporters on the scene. “My father, Lawrence Wyatt Ham IV, did not construct this building with his own two hands for ungrateful college students to refer to it as ‘Hamilton Court.’ Us Hams are proud folk, and we simply will not tolerate this widespread misconception.”

Fall Win! Boy Who Wears the Same Hoodie Every Day Can 'Finally Start Dressing'

Now that fall is officially upon us, that guy who wears the same Adidas hoodie every day can “finally start dressing.”

Op-Ed: I Don’t Need to Know What a Flat White Is to Order It Exclusively

Listen, I know there’s coffee in it. I know that there’s something else because it’s not just regular coffee. I don’t know how it’s different from a cappuccino or why it seems to cost more. Do I need to know these things to order it everywhere I go? No!

Professor Riding High of Student's Polite Chuckle All Day

Filson could be seen strutting around campus with a self-satisfied grin, offering to re-tell the joke.

Girl with ‘Food Porn’ Instagram Seems to Have Misunderstood the Concept

Let’s just say she’s making different foods fuck.  

Report: New UTB Staff Writer Patrick Rich Actually Very Cool, Nice 

Several informants confirmed that Patrick could often be seen looking cool while being nice to people around campus. 

To the Boy I Saw on Locust Reading a Book Called ‘the Laws of Murder’: Pretty Sure the Law Is ‘No Murder’

Seriously, name another law of murder. “Don’t murder”? “Stop murdering people”? “Murder is bad, don’t do it please”? They all boil down to the same thing, friend. I think you get where I’m going with this.