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Amy Gutmann Drops Lo-Fi Study Beats Playlist

Photo from The Daily Pennsylvanian / edits by Arman Murphy Credit: Arman Murphy

In an effort to help students with finals, Amy Gutmann released a lo-fi study beats playlist on her YouTube channel last Thursday. The playlist is her first foray into the growing internet chill-hop scene.

“I know how stressful this time of year can be for students. Remember, I was a student myself! I had finals, too! I can relate. I’m a very relatable person,” she insists in the video's description.

"This finals season, I'm helping students achieve academic success by providing them with really chill beats to relax/study to."

"The anime girl in the original video has always been a personal hero of mine, actually,” writes Gutmann. “There’s just something about the way she writes down the same thing in her notebook over and over, only stopping to take a look at her cat. You know? Just doing her work and vibing."

"At this point, she's been studying for years, and it doesn't look like she's going to be stopping anytime soon," Gutmann continued. "I wish our students would do the same!"

The move has been criticized by some students, who think there are more important things that she could be doing with her time. UTB asked College sophomore Leeroy Israel for his thoughts.

“My thoughts? Are you serious?” he responded. “I hate this fucking timeline.”

“The beats are pretty chill, though."