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New Accounting Professor Kind of Weird


Photo by Barry Stock / CC BY-SA 2.0

This new accounting professor is kinda weird, right? Now that the accounting concentration got the axe, it really seems like Penn is scraping the bottom of the barrel with their hiring decisions.

I’m not sure exactly what I find off-putting about him; I mean, we’ve all had an odd professor or two. But something about this guy is different. Is it his purple felt skin? Is it that he’s obviously a vampire? Is it the fact that there’s a different man with his hand up the Professor’s ass sitting behind the podium?

Don’t get me wrong, he’s great at accounting. Or counting, at least, which is pretty much accounting. Put a number of objects in front of him and he’ll count them right off. Four, five, six—there isn’t a number this guy doesn’t know. 

Honestly, I feel like I’ve learned a lot so far. I’m taking another class next semester that Professor von Count recommended and I think it should be great. I hear the professor’s kind of a grouch though.