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Report: Funny Friend Actually Just Kinda Mean


Photo by fremell / CC0

Teddy Blackburn, hopeful comedian and College sophomore, can light up any room, recitation, or GSR with a quick crack of the joke. Any function attended by Blackburn will be left in a rapturous fit of laughter, with many completely unable to return to a reasonable state of civilized discourse. It’s all but certain Teddy will ascend to the status of one of the greatest comedians alive, among other giants like Louis C. — shit, never mind. There’s one issue, though — he’s also kind of a dick.

Sophie Winhoek (W '23) had the misfortune of falling victim to Blackburn’s tirades this past weekend at a party that was admittedly already kind of “busted.” “Its crazy you know,” Sophie said, “it seems like he can zero in on that one thing he knows will piss you off but make everyone else laugh.

It’s true that no situation goes without a witty remark bursting out of Blackburn, but damn, does he have to be so fucking mean? The insecurities of others are a playground for Blackburn’s biting comedic acumen; quite literally no one in the room is safe from him. At least Blackburn has found a creative outlet for his affinity for bullying others and is putting his talents to good use.