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Dan to Share Twin Xl With Tourist After Roommate Airbnb's His Side of the Room


Photo by James Blume / The Daily Pennsylvanian

When Dan’s roommate first told him that he was moving off campus next semester, Dan was excited. He would have the whole room for himself. The Quad doubles aren’t small, but the extra space and privacy would be a welcome development. However, when he came back from winter break, he quickly found out he was not living alone. 

Wang Xiaolong, age 56,  was not fully expecting his Philadelphia Airbnb to be a Quad double with a college freshman. He knew it was in University City but didn’t realize it would be in the University

“Dan is a nice young man. Sometimes I just watch him at night and think he looks so sweet.” Xiaolong gave a toothless smile. “I’ll miss him when I leave next week.”

Upon asking Dan how he felt, he replied “it wasn’t really what I was expecting, but he buys me beer so that’s kind of cool. I do sometimes wish he would stop watching me when I sleep, but Xiao ain’t bad. I’m looking forward to whoever rents out the Airbnb next though.”

Penn has given no formal comment on renting out college dorm rooms, however, Wharton Entrepreneurs is offering seed funds for anyone wishing to take advantage of this inefficiency in the free market.