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Frank Ocean to Headline Spring Fling — Just Kidding, It’s Camila Cabello :(


Photo, with edits by Sammy Gordon, by MTV International / CC BY 3.0

SPEC is proud to announce that Grammy Award-winning and multinational superstar Frank Ocean will not be headlining this year’s Spring Fling. Instead, performing artist Camila Cabello, apolitical quitter of Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes’ beard, will be performing her entire discography.  

The entire student and faculty body is required to attend this historic event. This will be Camila’s fiftieth concert of the year. It will not be recorded because nobody would watch it, so make sure to bring your A-game, Penn!

Camila is widely known for her bangs and racist past. She has agreed to pay the University of Pennsylvania $50,000 for her performance — a rare treat for SPEC, which usually drops millions on the iconic spring event.  They are excited to shake things up with what no doubt will be a massive student turnout.

Also performing will be a hologram of Hailee Steinfeld.