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Congratulations! You’ve Been Selected for the Car Table at Distrito


Photo by Danny Cooper / The Daily Pennsylvanian

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” you immediately scream! Your entire life has been leading up to this moment. The hostess saw you walking in and knew you were the one – you were selected for the car table. Vroom vroom baby. They don’t give the car table to just anyone.

You make your way to the car table. You need a minute before stepping in – you must admire the car table before you indulge. The sleek, green exterior. The creamy white leather seats inside – you imagine it feels like sitting on a cloud. Everything about the car table screams sexy, high class, elegant. Is this a car show or a Mexican restaurant? Get ready for the ride of your life. The waiter opens up the door and you slide right in.

What will you be having tonight? Hmmmm a margarita of course! You’ve worked hard, you deserve a treat. And to eat? Maybe some tofu tacos – something plant-based because you’re such a great person. They only give the car table to the best of the best, you know. 

And who’s this sitting across from you – it’s the hottest girl in the place and she’s your date for the night. And let me tell you – the vibes are on. Romance is in the air at Distrito. You decide to lean in for a kiss and suddenly you’re making out. Cheers come from around the restaurant – they love it! They’re all rooting for you – the night could not be better.

The night has been one of the best of your life and how should you end it? With a picture of course. Did you even sit at the car table if you didn’t have a middle of the restaurant photoshoot? 

“Waiter!” you yell. “Once you’ve cleared the table can you get a picture of us?” He’s happy to – you’re at the car table for Christ’s sake. You and your hot date get into the perfect wholesome pose. “Awwwwww” you hear from the table behind you. You’re absolutely killing it tonight.

After your photoshoot, it looks like it’s time to end your night at the car table. It will be one you remember for the rest of your life. Life is a highway – and what better place to ride it than at the car table?