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Feeling Depressed? Here’s Why You Should Feel Guilty About That


Photo by Danny Cooper / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Have you been feeling hopeless, panicked, or uncontrollably sad? Well, rather than seeking help or telling yourself that you are loved and have lots to look forward to, there are several reasons why you should actually feel guilty about your depression, even though it is an illness you are not at fault for.

First of all, if you aren’t constantly happy while at Penn, you are wasting this experience. As older people always say, our generation is characteristically ungrateful. Please remember what these people have gone through — Vietnam or the Great Depression. Compared to what they’ve gone through, the life of a modern 20 year-old is basically a hot air balloon ride.  

Secondly, you are bringing down the vibes of everyone around you. If you think you’re going through it, you have no idea what you’re doing to those around you. While we may not be depressed or feel any empathy towards others, we can absolutely catch a bad vibe, and that’s exactly what you’re bringing to the party. 

Finally, I am insecure about myself and jealous of your accomplishments, so I want to do everything in my power to compound your misery. Once you get through this rough patch, I’m worried that you will realize that I am a toxic presence in your life, and you will further improve yourself until you have completely forgotten about me.

Anyway, I hope this sheds some light on some of my personal grievances about things that are none of my business.