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Friends Concerned Kelsey not Drinking Enough Alcohol

Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

After the final straw of only drinking one beer and two shots of fireball over the entire course of a club BYO and a Kappa Psi late night, friends of Kelsey Thompson (C ’21) decided it was time to step in.

“Kelsey just drinks a frighteningly small amount,” said a friend who wanted to remain anonymous. “We didn’t want to make a big deal of it at first, but it’s just gotten out of control. We’re all really worried about her.”

This past Friday night, friends of Thompson held an intervention in her 39th street apartment. Thompson entered to find a circle of her friends sitting around her coffee table. “When we confronted her, she told us she was really hurt about the accusations,” said close friend Jessie Merkoff. 

“I put two wine bottles in front of her and was like, ‘You don’t have a problem? Why do I feel like you’re not even going to drink this wine to cope with your feelings?’” 

“She just sat there. Didn’t even touch the corkscrew. I was like, Jessie, you have a problem,” said Merkoff.

Before friends intervened, they noticed a consistent pattern of Kelsey not going to happy hours on Tuesdays all the time, not blacking out at mixers, and sometimes taking it easy with the alcohol when she’s sick. 

Despite the remanence of tears, Merkoff seemed fairly put together in the crop top and black jeans her friends forced her into as they dragged her to smokes post-intervention. “I love how my friends support me,” said Merkoff.