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Penn Students Agree: Best Way to Heal an Infection Is to Let It Fester for a Couple Weeks


Photo by 1Day Review / CC BY 2.0

The human body is amazing. It can do so much. It's no wonder humans have continued to survive all this time without medicine or doctors or having to leave their house when they have a p-set due in a couple of hours. 

Jasmine Ling (C '20), who received a fingernail-bed infection this winter, "doesn't mind that it hurts to type or to even tie [her] shoes. The body takes care of these things." Plus the essential oils she has been rubbing on the infection do wonders: the smell of dying carcass has been replaced with a minty-citrus zest. 

Engineering junior Justin Hudgens takes care of his respiratory infection, which he got from a combination of dirty bong water and constantly having an NJoy in his mouth, by getting a humidifier. "It's like I can finally breathe again," Hudgens shared. 

In summary, antibiotics suck. They make your tummy hurt and give you diarrhea, which smells. Essential oils can be shipped right to your door and smell so yummy. You can be sure the infection will go away with time, so don't even bother with doctors: our ancestors didn't need them and neither do we.