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Imposter Alert! Junior Who Can’t Spell 'Restaurant' Regularly Eats in Them


Photo by extravigator / CC BY-ND 2.0 

Okay, I’ll be honest — I’m an imposter. Despite regularly eating in restauraunts I am incapable of spelling the word ‘restraunt.’ That spelling just now was an honest try, and I must admit it brings me great shame.

I may not feel imposter syndrome when walking around campus thanks to my finance concentration and boarding school education, but I feel it every time I step foot in a restureent. Fast-casual dining, five-star cuisine, and even establishments like Wawa that are definitely not restruants (but like, almost are) only serve to remind me how much I don’t belong. 

Every day I wake up and am forced to face my failures. But I refuse to be defined by them. In fact, I’m admitting right here and right now that I like a lot of things I can’t spell — and that’s ok. I’ll even list some of them:

  • The month of Feburary 
    • I love how this month has Valentine’s Day, which is a great excuse to go to some of my favorite retsraeurents and have a nice meal. Not being able to spell the name of this month shouldn’t stop me from enjoying all 28 days.
  • Running by the Skyuchool River
    • Nothing beats a breezy run down by this beautiful natural landmark. It’s a great way to build up an appetite before going out to eat in a reuasrunte in Center City. Frankly, I just don’t care if I can’t spell the name of this river. It feels particularly hard, and I should probably focus my efforts on other words, like resturant. 

Maybe I’m a fraud for visiting places where people pay money to sit down and eat the food prepared for them by the chef who works in the building they are in despite the fact I can't spell the name of that type of establishment. But at least I’m self-aware — and that should count for something.