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I Love Exploring Philly. Have You Been to Parc?


Photo by OrnaW / CC0

Penn students are often criticized for never leaving campus. Luckily, that criticism doesn't apply to me. I go on so many adventures, even as far as a place called Rittenhouse, and I'm not talking about where you have your Geology recitations! Sometimes, if I’m in Rittenhouse and start to get hungry, I'll even be courageous and try a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, like this cute place called Parc.

Parc isn’t trendy — it’s classic. It sells French cuisine, which is French for cuisine. What is really a coincidence is that France is my favorite European country: they have authentic wine, which is nice to sip. Really though, it's about the food. Parc has dinner, but it also has brunch, and I think that's pretty diverse and cool. You can order hors d’oeuvres (pronounced “whores deserve”) or even an entrée — who even needs to study abroad?

Basically, what I’m saying is that I know how to appreciate living in Philadelphia. I explore, and sometimes I take pictures since I like to document the neat things I see. Sometimes, I even go shopping in Center City — there’s this great store called Urban Outfitters, which I like because I live in an urban environment and need to be outfitted. I learned that recently and thought it was interesting. If you want to go to Parc with me, I might go tomorrow. It’s pretty far, though, so we should probably just Uber.