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Meet the Man With Three Fridges and No Vegetables


Photo by Ben Sutherland // CC BY 2.0

Henry is a 21-year-old Wharton student with a love of Corona and a mild case of scurvy. He and his roommates (Chad, Brad, and Mad (short for Madthew)) have three fridges in their Hamilton Court apartment. And yet, a thorough inspection of these fridges by Under the Button did not yield a single vegetable. We sat down with Henry to learn more about his story.

Under the Button: Hi Henry, thanks for joining us.

Henry: Thanks for having me, Mr. Button.

UTB: So Henry, I understand that you have three fridges. How many vegetables do you have?

Henry: None.

UTB: Wow.

Henry: Yeah.

UTB: None at all?

Henry: Not one.

UTB: That's crazy. 

Well, there you have it folks. You've met the man with three fridges and no vegetables. For more stellar journalistic reporting, subscribe to Under the Button Dot Com.