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How Faithful! Roommate Prays “Oh God, Yes” and Claps Softly In Bed


Photo by romanboed / CC Public Domain

Most nights before going to sleep, my righteous roommate Fapel Knight calls upon the Lord by murmuring His name and clapping softly, inviting Him to watch over him in his sleep.

Though I personally am not a man of religion, I respect his devotion to his faith. I had, perhaps mistakenly, once told Knight that I was an atheist. Since then, I’ve noticed that Knight only performs his rituals if I’ve been in bed for a while and he thinks I’m asleep. But as a light sleeper, I have involuntary listened many times to his nightly prayers.

He’s such a considerate man. I think he might be waiting for me to be asleep to perform his ritual because he knows I am an atheist. He perhaps doesn’t want to disrespect my beliefs, thus he performs his incantation and rhythmic clapping out of my sight. 

Despite being an atheist, I honestly don’t mind that he prays in my sight, in the same way that I don’t mind, say, living next to a church, or seeing the Pope parading in the streets. I just don't like it when religion is forced upon non-consenting people. Tomorrow, I’ll tell him that he shouldn’t be embarrassed about his nightly holy prayer and that he’s free to perform it whether I’m asleep or not. As long as he doesn't insist for me to join him